Puppet VMware fact updated to 0.2.2

Thanks to a contribution from Søren Andreas Bodekær Kröger, I have updated my puppet custom fact to be able to detect a hypervisor that’s running vmware 5.5.

This custom fact looks at the output of dmidecode on a linux vm, and searches for strings which are known to correlate with specific versions of ESX/ESXi; giving you the ability to determine what version of ESX your hypervisor is running.

This can allow you to install the proper version of the vmware tools. It also gives you greater awareness of the physical infrastructure your VM is living on.

You can find the code on github. You can also find the updated module on the puppet forge.

Many thanks are due to  for his post linking bios addresses to hypervisor versions, which lead me to work on this in the first place.

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