Puppet-bashrc module updated to 0.3.0

I’ve refactored my puppet bashrc module. In addition to the changes added in the 0.1 update, there are some noteworthy things in the 0.3.0 release:

  • refactored parameter names to enable colors. This breaks previous settings.
  • Simplified a bunch of the internal logic.
    We now use /etc/profile.d/ instead of our own directory. Automatic sourcing, and no mungy exec resources.
  • integrated svcstat.py into the system. You can now specify (as a direct param, or a hiera call in your profile module) a list of services to be told the status of at login/sudo.

Check it out on GitHub! Tell your friends… if… you know… they’re interested in this kinda thing. I still have more stuff planned.

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