Dashing snmpgraph widget

I’ve written a dashing widget to poll one or more snmp-enabled devices, and generate time series data from the contents. This combined with jwalton‘s RickshawGraph Widget allows you to easily generate pretty graphs of systemic attributes.

Graph of a switch


Graph of a fileserver

The polling is driven by yaml files, so it’s easy to to manage devices manually, or automagically.

I wrote this because I don’t quite have the need for a full blown graphite setup, but I’d like to visualize some data that’s only pollable via SNMP.

I wanted to use jwalton‘s widget because it easily supports polling from graphite, making it easy for me to adapt my dashboards should I outgrow this setup at some point.

I’ve many improvements in store as I get time, but it’s generally functional now.


You can find the source on GitHub Help is welcome! reach out if you’re interested.

Hopefully this is of some use to someone.

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