Puppet-bashrc module updated

Penguins controlled by UnicornsAfter posting the git completion info, I thought it was about time to update my puppet bashrc module. It needed to additionally support Debian, and I also wanted to refactor it to be a platform for helper scripts which may be automatically run at login.

The framework of that is done, and I’m happy to release puppet-bashrc 0.1.0. You can get the code at Github, or on the Puppet Forge

The README.md should be pretty self explanatory, but I’ve added parameters to most of the module to give you:

  • The option of adding git integration to tab completion
  • the ability to set the color of two different parts of your bash prompt
  • The ability to represent the content of your bash prompt as two parameters and a separatoruse puppet facts here, bash interpolation characters, or botth
  • Integration with git_prompt to display the status of the git repository the current working directory resides in.. in whatever color you wish it displayed

I have some additional scripts I’m going to integrate into this module (once I finish writing them) Which will allow you to display some vital statistics of the server when you login (service status, port connections, git branches of given directories, load, disk space used on various filesystems).. but I’m working on some logic to permit this to be lightweight and fail quickly on a heavily loaded server, or a system with hung IO on a filesysyem

Hope this helps someone else!

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